Text Analyzer Free Tool Online 2023 – [Analysis Inspector]

Count characters and words in your text. Find out what are the most common words.

We do not store your data on our servers or in the database, Your text stays in your browser only, So your privacy is guaranteed.

Text analyzer is a tool that allows you to find the most used words and texts in a sentence. This text analyzer can also tell the number of characters with space, number of characters without space, number of all words, number of unique words & most common words in a paragraph.

The basic purpose of text analyzer tool is to provide information on repeated words and phrases in a paragraph. This is the best, most free, and easy-to-use tool. it’s totally free you can use it anytime. It can also work as a word counter.

Who Can Use This Text Analysis Tool?

Text analyzer can mostly use writers (journalists, authors, students & teachers, etc.) With the help of this tool, they can calculate the words they write also they can control the unnecessary repetition of words in a paragraph. This way they can deliver their words in a good manner. Also, they can words and characters with the help of this web-based tool.

It is also helpful for SEO purposes. People can use it to optimize their content on the website. They can see keyword stuffing, mostly used keywords, and which keyword repetition is not good for the page. And which keywords are beneficial for a page ranking.

How To Use This Online Text Analyzer?

  1. Copy the content which you want to analyze and paste it into our tool.
  2. After that click on the analyze button & you’re done.

Now your content will be analyzed and you can see which word/text is mostly used in a sentence. You can use this tool to make your work easy. Also, you can check unlimited words on it anytime.